Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Flash Mob at Grand Central

Check this out, this is the video i brought up in class. Really awesomesauce

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Variation 2

Click HERE to view the website Briana and I created to detail variation 2 of our project.

try to save it for monday ;)


yes, no, maybe manifesto

i was really inspired by the Yvonne Rainer's NO Manifesto. Thus i decided to do something of the sort.

Our voice is not the only voice. The voice of those who choose to speak is a powerful one but not the only one. Krzysztof’s idea of healing a city through the voiceless is a compelling one. Yes; we should take it in our own hands to help these people speak. When we dig deeper into the spectrum of history books we miss out on much more than the simple words that are already on the page. What has been said is fraction to what needs to be said, especially relating to the past. Yes, people are scared. In general, most people are scared. I believe it is our duty to find what’s buried underneath; to go out and seek the untold.

Yes, I will listen. I will listen to strangers. It is more relevant to me now that strangers have a certain connection to me that I am not even aware of. To find this in another human being could create a bond in which in return would rectify the perception we have of each other. Yes, there is too much labeling between strangers. Yes I engage. Engaging the next person might invade the personal space in a positive way. The gap between the unknown and the known needs some mending. Yes inside this sharing of ideas is a narrative that when told, could lead to nothing but new ideas and smiles.

We cannot just pretend. Art must be a critique but life is not necessarily depicted solely through the art of the current time. I do not completely believe in the fabrication of something that is not. The visual stimulus provided by art is something that’s worth can only be measured by one’s own eyes. Whereas I believe the physical or relational stimulus provided by art is surely up to more of a critique. Henri Lefebvre brings forth the idea of everyday life and its value to art. That “critique of everyday life encompasses a critique of art by the everyday and a critique of the everyday by art.” No. No, I don’t agree with the first part of his quote, that critique of the everyday encompasses a critique of art of the everyday. No we cannot study history and pretend something is happening that is not. Every day is unique, so unique in fact that every second of everyday by every person is so incredibly different and therefore, in these differences, we cannot critique it this way.

Overtime, critiquing becomes harder and harder because more and more styles of art are spawned every moment. No, we cannot pretend to know what life was for an artist just by critiquing his work against the current time period. No, Henri Lefebvre was not completely wrong. I believe that there is more to his theory than I obliged. Art can however critique the everyday, by defining the everyday through its medium. Riding a bike through Washington spamming chalk messages about the president is truly showing how art can critique how not only the artist feels about the everyday but how people of the everyday feel about the current time. These acts or drawings or paintings or viral videos or whatever it may be, is the critique, not just the art they create.

Daniel Spoerri had it right. Maybe to be more than what we are as people today is to show the world exactly what we are. Is it something as simple as an act of drawing our space? Is space really so relevant? Maybe. The only way to overcome these feelings I have is to be aware. Our art is more than a perception of how we feel about a specific topic. Maybe space is just as much of a tool as a paintbrush. Without the right settings I cannot begin to have the clarity needed to design. The room must feel right. Spoerri simply showed the world a setting; a space in which someone had lived or been around. The space is essential for understanding how our own minds react to the world. If I see a beautiful sky that reminds me of an April day when I was 11, you might see something completely different. Thus every piece of furniture and every piece of everything around you effects how your art will develop, and this is because it directly effects you.

Maybe I don’t fully understand art. Art should reflect aspirations and goals. Art should reflect feelings and attitude. Art should reflect everything that your life is not. Maybe I don’t know what else if is supposed to represent. And yet I wonder if maybe life is nothing more than billions and trillions of atoms interacting with one another only to die and then spawn a new. Then again, maybe it’s not.

yes to compiled thoughts
no to being scared of the unknown
maybe i can become something more than this

yes i will defile your conservatism
no i will not subdue to one system
maybe there is always another way

yes i will begin to observe more
no i will not pretend
maybe ill catch the eyes of millions

yes there is more to this than we know
no science does not solve everything
maybe there is a reason for the discoveries

yes this auditory 'stimulus' will make me content
no it doesn't have to be the old
maybe i can do something with this

yes i need these people to survive
no this is not all of them
maybe more will come of this

yes nudity and rawness
no complete censorship
maybe you will see the beauty

yes i enjoy being free; completely free
no i dont need it
maybe they will combine

yes i want to expand
no i will not calm down
maybe then you will see what im trying to do

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is Strawberry Cookie Dough. Of course, this is not her real name. A matter of fact I don't even know her real name. This was the nickname I gave her because she was wearing a red jacket. And i decided that my subject would be some sort of cookie dough flavor. However, SCD(shortened) became my attention for an hour and a half crusade on Saturday leading from College Ave student center all the way to the ARC on Busch campus, and then the LSM Library on Busch.

After picking this lady for the project, I did my best to stay out of sight. Not even knowing where it would end, I sat in the back of the A weekend bus while SCD road along with me.

We eventually ended up at the ARC and I continued to use my Ninja-Camera skills (learned from a previous life) to document her. We ended up in LSM after a short walk from the ARC and she headed upstairs. Not wanting to be too noticeable, I did the same, but with a much slower pace. Unfortunately i forgot to bring a book-bag or even a book so I may have seemed obvious.

After going upstairs, I seemed to have lost SCD and had to scan the entire floor via sneaky isle shifting for her. Once I found her again, this time seated at the end of her journey, I took the last picture with again, Ninja-like precision and head home. I apologize for some blurry pictures as my auto focus has about a 2 second cast time.

I really liked this project because of the anonymous-ness(is that a word?) about it. It was interesting to think that SCD could have gotten off the bus and just ended up going into a dorm building, which would of lead to failure. Or she could have kept me on her trail for multiple hours if she had not sat down to study. I had a lot of fun with this one.

Put Something Somewhere, take 2.

This time around, I planned on doing my part in saving the world. Since public restrooms are pretty nasty, especially around Rutgers, I decided that I would help myself to making people think twice once they sit down to the do their business.

I looked up some statistics on public restroom related diseases (thanks, via Askmen.com), especially retaining to students. From this I created this document:

Did You Know

I then went around various buildings throughout College Ave and Busch campus posting them in the men's room (and a woman's room too with some help!), 10 in total. I tried not to place them in the same place in each stall, and only in one stall per bathroom, but mostly in the spot you look the most during your daydream*. Hopefully my crusade will get a few people to start washing their hands more often.

I plan to check back with a few of these places at the end of the week to see if any Graffiti has occurred or if they've been ripped down all together.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Questions for reading March 8th

1. We've talked a lot about History in this class and how history is made up by the "victor" (as Krzysztof suggests). He mentions in the beginning how if we were to "heal one voiceless stranger, then, [we would] heal the entire city". What do you think he means by this? Is reaching out to those who were the victims, the ones with the real stories, the real history?

2. Krzysztof goes on to talk about how strangers and nonstrangers have this separation in between each other; that the "local" is in somewhat 'fear' of the stranger and the stranger feels valueless to the society they have no entered. What is your experiences with this? For example, In class we talked a lot about how the Northeastern area (NJ, NY, etc) that we live in is very susceptible to that kind of behavior, even to other locals that are not immigrants. We talked about our personal space and how when someone tells us their experiences or 'life-story', that it becomes weird. Why is this?

3. When the author brings up multiple propositions to help mediate or mend the gap in between strangers and non strangers or the said and the unsaid, he says we need a communicative instrument. Now think for a couples minutes if everyone on the planet (yes all 90480398402482098 billion) had access to a facebook or something related type medium (possible a giant world-wide forum of sharing). If it was this easy do you think more stories would be told? New truths be uncovered? (through pictures, because we all know that pictures, wall posts, shared links etc, all tell a narrative of their own)

Put Something Somewhere.

This is President Charlie. Basically My one of my apartment-mates bought this for a Halloween decoration. As time went on, we progressively became attached to him and decided to not only name him, but dress him up with some Rutgers gear (and a hard-hat too!) The name President Charlie comes from the internet (of course), because we apparently never leave computer desk and we're not clever enough. Here is the video that the name comes from, although i don't suggest watching it in a school/work environment.

My roomates and I decided that the corner of the livingroom did not suit President Charlie too well so we decided that it would be better suited if we put him in the window. This way, people could think that they are being watched when they drive by, or walk by the apartment windows. During the night it looks more like a shadowy-figure. I dont know, maybe we're a little immature, but we like to hide behind it and yell a lot of [nice] things at people passing by.